Right Time with Maya Murillo

from by flight of the idle bees



Tried to squeeze out all the remaining juices from our romantic oranges. Hence, this song was born. Other than that we're just big suckers for cheesy cutesy duet love songs.


I like you and it's not your fault
I try to hide it
but I know you don't care at all
I write you love songs
Just one chance and I'll prove you wrong
you're wrong
So would you hold my hand
when we walk down the hall?
with your eyes at me
speaking through my soul
(Is it the right time honey?)
God it's killing me not knowing
(Is it the right time baby?)
I love you can you hear me?
(Is it the right time honey?)
Do you pay attention at all?
Verse 2:
you're inches from me
Can't settle down on my seat
stop stare
look away and just pretend that you're not there
and just pretend that you're unaware
(Repeat Chorus)
Long cold nights
I dream of you and me
Coz all this time
your touch
I know it's all I need
it's all I need
(Repeat Chorus)


from Only The Good Notes, released March 19, 2012
Maya Anjelica Murillo




flight of the idle bees London, Ontario

a one-man-band with 3 ukuleles, 1 classical guitar, 2 acoustic guitars, an acoustic bass guitar, a cajon, an improvised grain-filled egg shaker, a cheap tambourine and a whole lot of multi-talented friends who keeps him afloat.

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