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There's only one thing to do when productivity eludes you - sing a song about your non-productivity. It worked for us as you can see.


verse 1:
been staring at the same white page
scribbling letters trying to save myself
dots and commas what comes next?
shapes of faces but no ideas
I hate this
gotta call my dog and ask him what's up?

but when you smile
time freezes for awhile
and when you speak
the whole world starts to sink
drowning is an option
but I'll try to come back
and write you a love song
that nobody deserves more than you

verse 2:
turn on the tv
shuffle my feet
stare at the ceiling
whimper in the air
I hate to admit it
but nothing comes to mind
my vision's failing
I might as well die
I hate this
gotta call the moon
and ask her where's the light?

(repeat chorus)


from Only The Good Notes, released March 19, 2012
Maya Anjelica Murillo




flight of the idle bees London, Ontario

a one-man-band with 3 ukuleles, 1 classical guitar, 2 acoustic guitars, an acoustic bass guitar, a cajon, an improvised grain-filled egg shaker, a cheap tambourine and a whole lot of multi-talented friends who keeps him afloat.

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