Only The Good Notes

by flight of the idle bees

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A list of 5 acoustic chill songs you might want to pay for more than a dollar or your salary for the whole month. We don't mind. :)


released March 19, 2012

Maya Anjelica Murillo, Jinn Gayas, Bee Verceles




flight of the idle bees London, Ontario

a one-man-band with 3 ukuleles, 1 classical guitar, 2 acoustic guitars, an acoustic bass guitar, a cajon, an improvised grain-filled egg shaker, a cheap tambourine and a whole lot of multi-talented friends who keeps him afloat.

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Track Name: These Waves
verse 1:
swim into the ocean
hold me down
sink into the blue
drown my lungs

coz there's so much more
is that an open door?
there's so much more
beneath these waves

verse 2:
street lights and the sunset
hold your breath
these thieves can smell  the weakest
mind your steps
(repeat chorus)

verse 3:
50 million questions
are roamin' around outside
ten billion problems
I claim to be mine

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Right Time with Maya Murillo
I like you and it's not your fault
I try to hide it
but I know you don't care at all
I write you love songs
Just one chance and I'll prove you wrong
you're wrong
So would you hold my hand
when we walk down the hall?
with your eyes at me
speaking through my soul
(Is it the right time honey?)
God it's killing me not knowing
(Is it the right time baby?)
I love you can you hear me?
(Is it the right time honey?)
Do you pay attention at all?
Verse 2:
you're inches from me
Can't settle down on my seat
stop stare
look away and just pretend that you're not there
and just pretend that you're unaware
(Repeat Chorus)
Long cold nights
I dream of you and me
Coz all this time
your touch
I know it's all I need
it's all I need
(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Writer's Block
verse 1:
been staring at the same white page
scribbling letters trying to save myself
dots and commas what comes next?
shapes of faces but no ideas
I hate this
gotta call my dog and ask him what's up?

but when you smile
time freezes for awhile
and when you speak
the whole world starts to sink
drowning is an option
but I'll try to come back
and write you a love song
that nobody deserves more than you

verse 2:
turn on the tv
shuffle my feet
stare at the ceiling
whimper in the air
I hate to admit it
but nothing comes to mind
my vision's failing
I might as well die
I hate this
gotta call the moon
and ask her where's the light?

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Hearts Collide
verse 1:
winter, summer, springtime
then there's falling in love with you
i don't want nobody else
i just wanna spend forever with you
oh under the stars
we'll serenade the moonlight
wake up the sun
and shape all the clouds
I may not have wings
but when our hearts collide
in my mind I'm flying high

ooh... don't worry we'll be alright

verse 2:
dancing in the streets of Paris
roam around the alleys of Venice
walking in the shorelines of beautiful Brazil
hold my hand you're never alone
(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Little Things
verse 1:
Can't we just move out this city?
Coz I'm tired of the noise and the lack of trees
let's build a house at the edge of the earth
let's bury our thoughts in the sea
all these cars and neon lights
will be drowned by the sound
of the crashing waves
all these little things
will always be precious things
ooh ooh oooh
these precious little things
verse 2:
don't worry about the time
coz time only matters to those who count
we're timeless like the books that we read
we're timeless like the songs that we sing
let it be known to all
that the coins that we chase don't mind us at all
so why not just leave it behind
join me while we still have the time
right now
(repeat chorus)